Stumbled upon a very inspiring wordpress belongs to a fellow Chevener (shoutout to Pratiwi!) and it reminds me of how happy I was when I used to blog. And it all makes sense –  i blogged a lot when I was studying and now I am back in the studying-turf, so here I am, trying to upgrade the look of my page and thinking of the things that I could start to blog about or maybe recollect my memories (and past blog entries) and compile them together. Thought that having hashtags as my pages name would be cool and MAYBE i can start using those hashtags in other mediums.

For those of you who knows me, those hashtags will make perfect sense to you as they are what I am.

#iamUmi because I am the mother of one cheeky spoiled brat who makes my life upside down but he always make sure that I will feel loved everyday – he teaches me the true meaning of love at the first sight. this page will be compiling our adventures as a little family and my journey as a (super)mom.

#iamChevening because I am currently one of the Chevening Scholarship holder – and if you are interested in applying for future entrances or maybe you have applied for 2017/2018 scholarship, you are more than welcome to ask me questions and I will try my best to lend a hand.

#weareEducation because I am a TEACHER. before I further my MA, I was an English teacher based in Malaysia – this page will be filled with recollections of my 5 years experience teaching in one of the public schools in Kuantan, Pahang.

#LearningTechnologyEducation is the name of the MA that I am currently doing – I am a TESOL degree holder but I decided to further my studies in the education technology field as I am intrigued of the idea using technology effectively in the classroom – to cut it short, I will bore you with my MA journey.

#poemsarchive – this page compiles some of my kindy level poems (but i LOVE them anyway)


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