i am a mother of one cheeky little boy – who is fast asleep next to me when i’m writing this – something that i’ll never be able to do if he is wide awake.

I won’t lie. the journey of being a mother has never been easy – and I thought, taking a break from work and furthering my studies will do justice to the both of us. and i have submitted to the fact that we will be struggling for the rest of our lives as life indeed is a winding road – and I am happy and contented living with that idea. I guess as cliche as it might sound, we complete one another and no obstacles can bring us down.

most of the posts that are attached to this section are mostly a collection of my (immature) poems which I have written donkey years ago. I am just glad that they are still here and I will let it be.

I have a premonition that this section of the blog will get the most update as I am hoping that I could record our daily adventures. I hope you guys will feel loved by this little monster of mine like i do.

x, Aqeel’s umi cfze0109