the irony of me updating this section is… i still have my assignments to be done! but I am assuring myself that updating my blog is an extrinsic motivation for me to go back to my assignments right after i am done with this post – i really hope it will turn out that way.lol

as I have mentioned in the @kammabdullah section, I am a TESOL degree holder but something about using technology (the correct way) in the classroom intrigues me. I have always questioned myself whether using videos, PowerPoints are the only way of using multimedia – there’s something inside of me is telling me that using videos and PowerPoints in the classroom to teach is just like presenting the materials in a different way and usually there will be very little (to no) interaction between the multimedia and the students. the students are just there to watch the multimedia being used and they are not interacting with the multimedia when that is what they are supposed to be doing.

sooo, I have been using different approach using technology in my classroom activities but i still have doubts whether i am doing the right thing or not – hence why i am furthering my study in this area. I have yet to have any idea on what I am going to write in this section but in two weeks time there will be a class trip to London (yeay!) so i’ll surely write something about that! till then, do pray that i’ll go back to my assignments, pronto!