I have always hated cold weather.

so, if you ask me why do I choose to further my study in the UK, I don’t have any answer for that – trust me, I have asked myself the exact same question, but to no avail.

a little flashback – When I was in New Zealand, I gained 10kgs because I was protecting my body from the weather (yeah, right. blame it all on the weather) and I will never let that happen again (high hopes!)

back to the present –

Been fasting for the past few days (the daylight is short y’all) and I feel better than ever – Alhamdulillah. and since it is cold outside, I spend more time inside the house doing (very fun) activities with Aqeel (Aiman is working most of the time). Catching up with my readings and revisiting some of my favourite tv shows (bliss!). (never ending) working on my assignments is the trickiest part of all. it seems like Aqeel can smell from afar if I am working on my assignments – that’s the time when he’ll use me as his climbing wall, and that’s when he’ll suddenly feel hungry(-er) and will ask for at least 4 bowls of cereals which i’ll have to wait for him to finish everything. He is wicked!

quick example – writing this post is a breeze. He is currently pretending to be asleep and snored like nobody’s business (sly).


I would like to apologize for a not-so-entertaining and poured-with-knowledge post. I have always imagined that my first post after a long hiatus will sound more mature and knowledgeable – but it feels so good to be able to write down the irony of hating winter and getting to spend more time with my sonshine! (there’s not much sunshine left these days – so I am glad I have Aqeel as my sonshine – geddit?)

till then~



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