I realise something.

No matter how strong your love is towards another human being,

Your love is never eternity.

You’ll be parted by death.

We might not know when, where or how..

But the time will come.


I feel so scared,

The fact that I might lose my loved ones in split seconds bothers me.


Might be my final night,

To be here,

and tomorrow is still a mystery to me.


I realise that the only eternal love is towards Him.

Allah the Almighty that we can neither see nor hear,

but He is actually always very near.


A lot of tears are bundled,

Reminiscing how little have I think about my eternal love,

who will be with me through thick and thin,

who will never judge whether or not I can spin.


Lets say our prayer,

So we’ll never forget Him especially when we are with our dears.Image



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